DSDT edit for ATI Radeon HD 5450


  1. DSDT Editor
  2. IORegistryExplorer
  3. DSDT edit for Radeon HD 5450
  4. Working DSDT for your CustoMac/Hackintosh in Extra folder


  1. Open your custom DSDT using DSDT Editor
  2. Locate PCI0 in the tree on left hand side of editor and expand the tree
  3. Click anywhere in the right hand side of the box, click cmd(windows button)+F. A new search window will then pop up. Check the ignore case box and search for PEGP/PEG0. If nothing found no need to worry. Your DSDT has not been edited with any Graphics/HDMI Audio edits (for those who found any PEGP/PEG0 in DSDT move to last part of the post)
  4. Under PCI0 tree, click on any device e.g. Device IGD0 and you can see the code on right hand side will load for the device selected which looks likeDevice (IGD0)
    Name (_ADR, 0x00020000)
    OperationRegion (IGDP, PCI_Config, 0x40, 0xC0)
    Field (IGDP, AnyAcc, NoLock, Preserve)
    Offset (0x12),
    , 1,
    GIVD, 1,………etc

    Create a new line just before the device clicking the mouse in front of Device (IGP0) and press the enter button. Now a new line will be created. Select the new line

  5. Now, open the downloaded DSDT for ATI HD 5450. Copy paste the entire code in the newly added line in DSDT editor
  6. Compile the code by clicking Compile button
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